Doll stars : what the dolls got for christmas

Friday, December 25

what the dolls got for christmas

Here is what the dolls got for Christmas and what I made for them!
a cute pillow-not sure
clear bag-from some packaging thing
magic eight ball-not sure
eos-made by me
Hello painting-made by me
hat-made by me
penny board-made by me
I made the penny board out of cardboard and beads! (it is just for looks) I really like how it came out! And cant wait to take some cute photos with Julie when summer and spring time come around!

I had this little wooden bead type thing and it was the perfect size so that is what I used!
This is another one of my favorite things I made!

a blokus board game-American girl
a mirror-made by me
polaroid camera-made by me
lipstick-made by me
coffee cup-made by me
clipboard-made by me
eye shadow kit-made by me

I have already made a blue polaroid camera and why not make another! I love the look of it being white! And I think it is just too cute!

The top of the lipstick is made out of a big glue gun stick and the bottom is a part or a little paint container!

I made this out or cardboard and I love it!

microphone-made by me
brush-Heart 4 Heart girls
book-American girl
headphones-made by me
fluff-made by me
candle-made by me'
cat ears-made by me

I love this candle! I had made a candle before but I am super happy with how this one turned out! it is the perfect size too!

I think that these headphones turned out wonderful! and I really like them!

Since Rory loves cats and cat ears I had to make her some cute cat ears! I LOVE these! They are probably my favorite gift I made for my dolls! (I might just make some for myself ;)
Hope you enjoyed this quick post!
What did you or your dolls get for Christmas?


  1. All of these things you made for your dolls are awesome!:D I love the headphones, the Polaroid camera, and the candle.:)