Doll stars : Halloween Lookbook-1

Tuesday, November 3

Halloween Lookbook-1

Hello everyone! How was all of your Halloweens? What did you dress up as? and if your dolls dressed up what did they dress as?
Anyway, I am so sorry these Halloween posts are so late, It has been super rainy here and so I couldn't photograph the dolls outfits but... better late then never! right?! ;)
So without further ado here is the first costume out of all the dolls:

So I originally made this outfit as my entry for The Doll Wardrobe's fashion design contest, where you had to make an outfit either: inspired by or a replica of a Disney characters outfit. so since I was and just as much still obsessed with Frozen, I made this Elsa dress. and since you can NEVER get too much use out of an Elsa dress Julie decided to wear it for Halloween! :)
Oh! what a coincidence Let It Go just came on Spotifi! (of which I was listening to) XD
Julie is wearing
dress: made by me
shoes: AG felicity ball gown set

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