Doll stars : A Doll Halloween-Trick or Treating

Tuesday, November 3

A Doll Halloween-Trick or Treating

It was the night of Halloween and Julie, Felicity, Rory and their friend Kit were all dressed up and ready for a night full of candy, costume and fun!

They walked along, chatting and admiring all of the fun costumes they saw, until they came to the first house. The home had a big black door with a few Halloween decorations.

There was a pretty pumpkin and scary skeleton on the front step.

And also an orange bow and banner that read BOO! on the door.

Julie (being the brave one that she is) was the first one to approach the door, bracing herself for anything! a scary costume, no big deal, Julie could handle it!
or at least she thought she could...

The door creaked open and...
A nice girl in a cute cat costume came out?!

"AGGHHHH!!!" screamed Julie!
The dolls (including Julie) all laughed, since the girl didn't look scary at all. and Julie practically was just ready for something scary to come out and ready to scream.
or at least that was what she told them.
but maybe she was truly scared of the cat girl. but alas we shall never know...

"here is some candy" said the girl. after all the dolls had said "trick or treat!!!"
The dolls all took a piece of candy, thanked the girl and continued on their way!
(hopefully there was no more cat girls... for Julies sake) XD

When they got hope they all sat around, poured out their candy and traded and at some of their delicious stash!

And here is a picture of all the bags I made.
Hope you all enjoyed this little story about the doll's time trick or treating.
Have a good day!


  1. Costumes are great! Photos are wonderful!

  2. This post is so fun! I love the costumes (especially the Starbucks one), and candy and bags are so cute! Nice job with everything! :)