Doll stars : November 2015

Thursday, November 26


Happy Thanksgiving to you all who celebrate it!
Hope you all enjoy this little thanksgiving photo shoot that I did with Felicity!
shirt- AG Julie old meet outfit
shorts- AG skateboard set
leggings- AG winter set
shoes- AG Kit set
scarf- made by me
Have a great day!
What are your thanksgiving plans?

Saturday, November 21

2015 Fall Lookbook-4


shirt- made by me
pants- made by me
shoes- not sure
scarf- made by me
Hope you all enjoyed this lookbook! which outfit was your favorite?

2015 Fall Lookbook-3

shirt-made by me
skirt-not sure
jacket-made by me
leggings-AG Winter outfit set
shoes-AG kit set
necklace- made by me

2015 Fall Lookbook-2

shirt-made by me
overalls-made by me
flannel tie-made by me
shoes-AG skateboard set

2015 Fall Lookbook-1

Hello all you awesome, amazing fellow doll lover/fashion lover friends!
So for a while now I have been working on my "2015 Fall Lookbook" and today is the day that I share it to the world! XD I am so exited about this lookbook and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Also, I am sorry that I haven't been posting much for a while now except for a few lookbooks. But I am getting really exited for the winter and Christmas times that are a comin! So I will try and get a few posts up around then.
Also, I have and have always been into fashion so this blog will mostly be a doll fashion blog.
So yes, wow! I was really just in a "ranty" mode.
dress- made by me
shoes- AG JLM meet outfit
socks- made by me
bracelet- made by me