Doll stars : DIY Trick or Treat bag for your dolls!

Saturday, October 31

DIY Trick or Treat bag for your dolls!

Hi everyone! So sorry for the long time no post thing! WOW! it has really been a while and I have missed posting on here, so don't worry I will try and start posting more often! (I already have a few posts planned)
Anyway the items that you will need to make these super cute and super easy to make doll trick or treat bags are...
Old trick or treat bags or Halloween printed fabric
and a hot glue gun

First draw out a chart kind of thing (in pencil) that looks like the one above.
Okay so I have drawn a little chart for you all to follow:
White- is where to fold
Black-is where to cut

Cut your piece out, and then fold the places that you need to fold. (if the fold isn't perfect don't worry)

Then glue the two sides to together so you have a little bottomless fabric cup thing.
Then fold in the bottom and glue together.

Then I cut pieces of the bag to be the handles. (you can do this or use ribbon)

Glue the handles on and....

You are done!
These bags are super easy and fun to make! Hope you and your dolls have a great Halloween!

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