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Wednesday, September 16

Doll room tour

Hello everyone! If you have read my blog for a while you know that I have changed my doll's room many, many times! Check out the evaluation of the first and last looks (before this one) of the doll room! clicking on these links: First,  and last!  Anyway, Lets get right into the tour.

Here is an overview of the room. I got really inspired by different YouTubers and their Instagram feeds! My main inspiration was defiantly Alisha Marie's youtube channel and her Instagram! I loved how it is all white and then with lots of pops of color!

Starting from the left I there is the desk space. I put a white rug on the ground and then a wardrobe, desk, and chair that I covered with white felt.

On top of the wardrobe is cute little letters that spell love and a inspiration collage both made by me.

And on top of the desk they have a desk light, glittered jar full of pens and scissors, a candle in a mug, and a cool computer all made by me.

The chair I covered. I did little cat ears on the top for a little touch of personality!

Underneath the desk (which I made out of a shoe box) is all of the doll's craft supplies.

Then there is the bedroom area. I made a bunk bed with my old doll bed (which was made for only one doll) but then I took out the bottom and put a board on top to make it fit three.
Also the two beds in the pictures are made out of the dolls boxes.

For Julie's bed I put a blue pillow for the main pillow and then added some fun pillows! (I made all of the pillows except the orange monkey. I also hung her skateboard.

Here is Rory's bed. Since she loves to dance and her favorite colors are pink, black, white, and gold I added lots of fun details to show her personality. Like a polaroid camera, Beats headphones, and a wall art that says Be Happy no matter what! (all made by me)

For the pillows I made a white fluffy pillow, cute marshmallow, floral pillow, and glitter heart one!
Then there is Felicity's bed.

For the pillows I put a purple pillow and some small decorative pillows including: a green flower, quote pillow which reads Explore, a donut, and a polaroid picture all made by me except the green flower and purple pillow.

Then I made this big Instagram feed wall art! With lots of pictures of the doll that I have taken!
Now we will head over to the living room! :)
Where I have a TV and fireplace that I made along with a dog bed that their dog Pepper seems to be enjoying! Lets take a closer look at the rest of the things!

The coffee table has a cute tray with a candle, and sunflowers, I also added the polaroid camera and some pictures. (I made everything minus the sunflowers)

I hung a cute garland that I made.

Then I made this white couch with two pink pillows.

Here we have the kitchen and dining room!
I made the table just like the desk and then I covered a box with some fabric for the seating.
Then they have their cute little mini fridge with a cute plant on top both made by me.

Then I made a little stove top, sink, and shelving.

I also added a roll of paper towels and the trash can!
So yes, that was the doll room! Hope you liked the tour! I had lots of fun planning, designing, and putting together this little room oh, and just incase you were wondering where this room is. it is in a part of a closet.
Comment down below what your favorite part about the room was!


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for the tour. I like how you made so much of your decorations. A lot of talent and creativity there. Keep up the good work and designing. :)

    1. Thank you so much Melody! glad you liked this tour! :)