Doll stars : September 2015

Wednesday, September 16

cool, cute and casual-2

Last weekend it was really nice weather and I had lots of fun taking photos of Julie in this cute outfit! :) So yes, hope you all enjoyed all of these photos!
Which one was your favorite?

cool, cute and casual

Julie is wearing
undershirt: made by me
over shirt: made by me
pants: made by me
shoes: AG kit set

Doll room tour

Hello everyone! If you have read my blog for a while you know that I have changed my doll's room many, many times! Check out the evaluation of the first and last looks (before this one) of the doll room! clicking on these links: First,  and last!  Anyway, Lets get right into the tour.

Here is an overview of the room. I got really inspired by different YouTubers and their Instagram feeds! My main inspiration was defiantly Alisha Marie's youtube channel and her Instagram! I loved how it is all white and then with lots of pops of color!

Starting from the left I there is the desk space. I put a white rug on the ground and then a wardrobe, desk, and chair that I covered with white felt.

On top of the wardrobe is cute little letters that spell love and a inspiration collage both made by me.

And on top of the desk they have a desk light, glittered jar full of pens and scissors, a candle in a mug, and a cool computer all made by me.

The chair I covered. I did little cat ears on the top for a little touch of personality!

Underneath the desk (which I made out of a shoe box) is all of the doll's craft supplies.

Then there is the bedroom area. I made a bunk bed with my old doll bed (which was made for only one doll) but then I took out the bottom and put a board on top to make it fit three.
Also the two beds in the pictures are made out of the dolls boxes.

For Julie's bed I put a blue pillow for the main pillow and then added some fun pillows! (I made all of the pillows except the orange monkey. I also hung her skateboard.

Here is Rory's bed. Since she loves to dance and her favorite colors are pink, black, white, and gold I added lots of fun details to show her personality. Like a polaroid camera, Beats headphones, and a wall art that says Be Happy no matter what! (all made by me)

For the pillows I made a white fluffy pillow, cute marshmallow, floral pillow, and glitter heart one!
Then there is Felicity's bed.

For the pillows I put a purple pillow and some small decorative pillows including: a green flower, quote pillow which reads Explore, a donut, and a polaroid picture all made by me except the green flower and purple pillow.

Then I made this big Instagram feed wall art! With lots of pictures of the doll that I have taken!
Now we will head over to the living room! :)
Where I have a TV and fireplace that I made along with a dog bed that their dog Pepper seems to be enjoying! Lets take a closer look at the rest of the things!

The coffee table has a cute tray with a candle, and sunflowers, I also added the polaroid camera and some pictures. (I made everything minus the sunflowers)

I hung a cute garland that I made.

Then I made this white couch with two pink pillows.

Here we have the kitchen and dining room!
I made the table just like the desk and then I covered a box with some fabric for the seating.
Then they have their cute little mini fridge with a cute plant on top both made by me.

Then I made a little stove top, sink, and shelving.

I also added a roll of paper towels and the trash can!
So yes, that was the doll room! Hope you liked the tour! I had lots of fun planning, designing, and putting together this little room oh, and just incase you were wondering where this room is. it is in a part of a closet.
Comment down below what your favorite part about the room was!

Sunday, September 13


DIY doll polaroid camera and pictures

                                                                    Polaroid Camera

Items you will need
The First thing to do is measure out/draw out a square shape that is the right size for your doll.
At first I did it 2 1/2 inches on each side but later I trimmed it down.
Round out the corners.

And cut it out.

Use that one to trace out more that are the same size.
I did four in all but it really depends on how thick your cardboard is.

Cut them all out.

Trace an extra square onto your cardboard and then draw these two little shapes. I looked at a picture of a polaroid camera to know how big to make them.

An up close picture of the two shapes to draw.

Then cut out the two shapes.

Glue all of the squares together and also the long shape.

Cover the glued squares and the circle shape with paper.

Then glue the circle on.

Now you can paint it whatever color you like! I chose blue.

Lastly draw on some little details! And you are done with the camera! :)
Polaroid pictures

Items you will need
magazine clippings
First cut out a little rectangle for your photo.

First cut out a little picture that you like. I did a picture from the AG catalog of Pepper.

Trace the white piece of paper onto the back of your clipping.

Draw the outline of a polaroid picture on the back.

And cut out the middle outline where the photo goes.

Glue the magazine clipping on your white paper.
And you are done with the polaroid picture!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you tried it out I would love to see it! so leave a comment with a link to your post with a pic of it! :)