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Sunday, August 23

New Blog Look

random photo via pinterest
Hello Everyone! Wow! I have not blogged in a while! I am going to start being better at regular posts! <3 But anyway, this is just a short post announcing the arrival of my......
New Blog Design!
I got this beautiful new design from my awesome sister Celia's design shop!
I am so exited with this new design! The old one was great as well but change is always nice! :)
YAY! (throws confetti all around)
I am very happy with the design and can't wait to start posting more again!


  1. tell your sister she's a awesome designer ^_^
    your blog looks gorgeous, and that quote is really going around pinterest. i pinned that same thing like two days ago. but it's a awesome quote anyways :)

    1. thanks! I will tell her!
      And yes, that quote is very popular! ;)

  2. I'm quite excited as well!

    Allie D.