Doll stars : Edgy and Cute

Monday, August 3

Edgy and Cute

 Hi everyone!

Here are some photos I took of Felicity! This style is not really too much like Felicity's personality it is more like Rory's but I thought she look awesome in it so that is why I chose her! plus with Rory I could not do this fun hairstyle in her hair!
I am really happy of how they turned out, they might even be one of my favorite photo shoots ever! :)

Oh, and also! I am getting a new blog design!!! by my awesome sister Celia! you can check out her design sight here!
Now enough rambling. lets get right into it!

Felicity is wearing
shirt: made by me
over shirt: made by me
shorts: AG skateboarding set
shoes: Our Generation
Which picture was your favorite?


  1. The doll looks very cute haha! :) Love the last picture on the skateboard!

  2. I like the full picture of her holding the skateboard. The dolls are so cute.

    1. Thank you so much Nabila! glad you like them!