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Wednesday, June 3

LPS project: Shop

Hi everyone!
sorry I haven't been posting lately! So for a few days I have been working on and idea that I got back in April, the idea was to make a whole LPS (littlest pet shop) house from my sister Audrey's favorite show Littlest Pet Shop for Audrey, the house includes: a shop, a daycare, and the main character Blythe's room. (which is all in the show) so anyway without further ado here is the shop portion of the house: :)

An overview.

The front counter.

A little cash register I made.

The other counter.

I made this little fish bowl by cutting a Tick-Tack box, then mixing some mod-podge and paint together.

A window looking out at the daycare.

And a door leading to the daycare.

The whole shop!

I painted this picture of the LPS logo. :)