Doll stars : LPS project: Blythe's room

Wednesday, June 3

LPS project: Blythe's room

Overview of the room!

Cat painting.

paintings! ;)

(I did not make the desk and chair)

Her bed!

Audrey made this cute little teddy bear for her bed.

painted door with a poster.

This is the dumbwaiter I made!

The dumbwaiter is practically just a long cardboard box that only has three sides and on one of the sides it has a cut in it, then there is a square inside of the box that has a piece that sticks thru the cut and on the piece there is a piece to hold. (that was probably very confusing) but anyway all you do is hold the outer piece and lift it upward or downward! ;)

Here is a kind of blurry picture of an LPS in the dumbwaiter.

 And that concludes the tour!!! I had lots of fun making this for my sister Audrey! And I am actually thinking of expanding on the house! :)