Doll stars : Felicity's Birthday: part 3

Monday, June 8

Felicity's Birthday: part 3

After present time the dolls did a fun photo shoot! here are them taking pictures and the pictures they took! :) 

Smile! :)


Felicity is wearing:
shirt: it is actually a dress that I made
skirt: Ag old Meet outfit
boots: AG Kit set

Nahji is wearing"
dress: made by me
leggings: Her Meet outfit
shoes" Her Meet outfit

Julie is wearing:
shirt: made by me
overalls: made by me
shoes: AG skateboarding set

Kit is wearing:
shirt: made by me
pants: made by me
shoes: Julie's Meet outfit

Rory is wearing:
shirt: undershirt if made by me, poncho is not sure.
shorts: AG skateboarding set
shoes: Our Generation

Cathleen is wearing:
shirt: made by me
shorts: made by me
shoes: Rory's Meet outfit


  1. Pretty pictures! I love Kit's outfit! Especially her pants! :)