Doll stars : Felicity's Birthday: part 2

Monday, June 8

Felicity's Birthday: part 2

The dolls all sat around Felicity each holding their gift.

"Who would like to give Felicity her gift first?" asked Rory.

"I would!!!" said Nahji as she handed Felicity her gift.

Felicity opened it up to find a cute little bag!

"Thank you Nahji!" said Felicity "I love it!"

Next Cathleen gave her gift...

which was an easel! "thank you Cathleen!" said Felicity

The next gift to be opened was Kit's.

It was a volleyball!

"thank you Kit!!!" said Felicity "I can not wait to play with this!"

And last but not least was Rory and Julie's gift!

All of the girls waited for Felicity to open it. wondering what was inside.

It was a sewing machine!!!

"thank you so much!" said Felicity to Rory and Julie
"and thanks to all of you!" :)


  1. Her presents are awesome! I love the volleyball and the sewing machine! :)

  2. How did you make the sewing machine?!

    1. It is kind of hard to explain but here we go: I cut out a front of the sewing machine shape out of cardboard (I cut two out) then I cut out a few long strips of cardboard and kind of taped them to the front to be the sides. And then taped the other front side on top to make a box type thing,
      After that I painted it white and glued a tiny piece of led to be the needle!
      (Hope that wasn't to confusing)
      -elly :)