Doll stars : Felicity's Birthday: part 1

Monday, June 8

Felicity's Birthday: part 1

Hi everyone!
guess what today is? (you probably already know from the title!) It is Felicity's Birthday! (I celebrate my dolls Birthdays on different days then the ones in the books) Anyway, for her Birthday all of the dolls had a fun picnic! they did it on the porch though because the grass was too wet. but without further ado, here is part one of her Birthday!
All the dolls sat on blankets, talking, eating, and just having a good time!

Nahji and Kit.

The Birthday girl.

Rory and Cathleen.

yummy fresh watermelon.

Hope you enjoyed these photos of the dolls. more coming soon!
when do you celebrate your doll(s) Birthdays? :)