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Sunday, June 28

DIY: doll picnic table

Hi everyone!
Here is a DIY for a cute and easy doll picnic table! I was thinking since the Fourth of July is right around the corner I would make a picnic table for your dolls to sit at on Fourth of July! Anyway, without further ado here it is:

Items you will need:
a cereal box
two plastic water bottles
a glue gun
either brown paper or some paperboard
 four used toilet paper rolls 
and some regular cardboard

First take some cardboard and set your doll on the cardboard to draw out the top of the seat.

cut four seat tops.

Then glue two of them together so that you have two thick pieces of cardboard.(you do not have to do this step if your cardboard is already thick)

then I took about eight toilet paper rolls (but you can use whatever) and glued them around the bottles.

Trace your cereal box's sides onto some paperboard.

Then cut out all of the sides.

And glue them to the sides of the cereal box.

Also glue a piece onto the top.

Glue your water bottles onto the bottom of the cereal box.

And then glue your four toilet paper rolls onto the ends of the two seats.

glue a piece of cardboard in between the seats and the table legs.

And you are done!


  1. love the idea :) maybe sometime i'll have to give it a shot.

    1. Thank you Autumn! glad you like it! :)