Doll stars : A Summer day-Part 1

Friday, June 19

A Summer day-Part 1

Hi everyone! sorry about the long time no post deal. anyway, this week has been up to 100 degrees outside! and feeling very summery! ;) so I decided to do a fun, colorful, and summery photo-shoot with my dolls! enjoy:

Rory is wearing:
shirt: made by me
skirt: old AG MAG meet outfit
shoes: Kit set
flower crown: made by me

Julie is wearing:
shirt: made by me
shorts: AG skateboarding set
shoes: Julie's meet outfit
sunglasses: Our Generation dolls
I will put Felicity's outfit details in the next post! which photo was your favorite?


  1. Their outfits are all so stylish! I love Rory's! :)

  2. The outfits are so cute and summery! It's great that you make a lot of the clothes yourself. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  3. Awesome post! I love the white bench setting! Mmm my favourite was probs Julie's, but I love Rory's boots!!! ^.^

    1. Thanks Lydia!!! glad you like them! :)