Doll stars : 3 outfits with 3 peices-outfit 1

Monday, June 22

3 outfits with 3 peices-outfit 1

Hi everyone!
So I am starting this new thing called: "3 outfits with 3 pieces" where I will take three pieces of clothing (not really counting accessories) and make three different outfits with three different ways to style them! :)Anyway, here is the first outfit:

Model: Carrie, your might not remember but a while ago I got her and did a review on her, check it out HERE! (I renamed her Carrie)
I have been getting into smaller dolls as well as larger dolls lately! ;)
Carrie is wearing:
shirt: it is actually a T-shirt dress that I made.
skirt: made by me.
hat: made by me.

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