Doll stars : May 2015

Saturday, May 23


outfit details:
shirt: made by me
shorts: AG skateboard set
shoes: AG felicity's tea party set


Tuesday, May 19

Curly hair, lace and sandles

Hi everyone!
so you probably remember Outfit 4 of my doll boho lookbook I did, well I left the hairstyle that I had done on Felicity in for a while and when I took it out voila she had curly hair! cant believe I didn't think of her hair getting curly while it was in. ;) anyway it probably wont stay curly for too long so while it is still curly here are some pictures I took! I love how her hair looks curly! :)
Outfit details:
shirt: made by me
skirt: My AG
shoes: AG Julie's old Meet outfit

Wednesday, May 13


Outfit Details:
shirt: made by me
shorts: AG skateboarding set
shoes: Our Generation
headband: made by me

Tuesday, May 5

lace up boots and white dresses

outfit details:
dress: not sure
boots: AG kit set
hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures I took of Rory yesterday!