Doll stars : traveling tips with Rory

Monday, April 13

traveling tips with Rory

Hi everyone!

So now that Spring has sprung you might be going on a spring vacation and you might bring your doll along with you, so Rory has decided to share her doll traveling packing tips and what she brings with her! enjoy! :)

for her outfit Rory is wearing some cute pink converse type shoes from Our Generation since it is good to wear comfy clothes while traveling.

She put her hair up in a ponytail with a few strands framing her face.

she wore a pink T-shirt from her meet outfit and over that she put on a jean jacket that I made.

and last but not least she wore some gray shorts from an AG skateboarding set.

in her carry on bag she brought a few magazines, a notebook, sunglasses and her marshmallow pillow and to carry it all in she had a cute pink bag, (not sure where from)

she also brought her beats headphones (made by me)

she brought an apple, a banana, a muffin, and a water bottle just in case she gets hungry.

and a Polaroid camera (made by me), sandals (from Julie's meet outfit), and a snapback (made by me)

hope you found these tips handy!

-Elly :)


  1. That polaroid is so cute!! Do you think you could make a tutorial?

  2. Thanks! I made the Polaroid using a My Froggy Stuff youtube tuterial! :)

  3. Nice packing tips. Have a great trip.

  4. Thank you! I actually already went on a trip, but thanks anyway! <3