Doll stars : Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 5

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone!
happy Easter! how has your day been going? :)  here is a photo-story:

Julie, Kit, Felicity, and Rory all were having a fun time in there Eastery best and chatting to each other.

"so what do you want to do now?" asked Julie "I know!" said Rory (fun fact Rory's favorite holiday is Easter because of all the bunnies) "we could find our Easter baskets!"

Kit walked over to a plant and saw something peaking behind it.

it was her basket! which had: paper dolls, butterfingers chocolate bar, and a chocolate bunny!

Rory went off looking for her basket.

she found it by the fireplace.

it had some paper dolls, a chocolate bunny, a lollipop, nerd candy, and a cute little egg!

Felicity spotted her basket in a plant.

in her basket there was some paper dolls, mints, candy cane, a lollipop, and a cute little egg!

Julie saw something behind some rocks that was...

her basket which had some paper dolls, mints, candy cane, and a little egg!

the girls posed with their baskets!

hope you enjoyed the post!


  1. Too cute!!!!! I loved this photostory, and all of there dresses are gorgeous :) :) Where did you get all the dresses? Hope you had a happy easter!

  2. Thank you! I am not sure where I got the dresses, I think my mom made some. ;)