Doll stars : Happy April Fools day, part 2

Wednesday, April 1

Happy April Fools day, part 2

Here is part 2 of Happy April Fools day! check out part one HERE!
(again sorry about the blurry pictures)

Rory picked up her headphones to listen to some music.

to here the music super loud!!! she pulled the headphones off jumping out of her bed in surprise!

Only to find a what looked like a real giant bug on her alarm clock! "Julie has done it this time" Rory thought "but I wont fall for it again."

she went into the living room to find Julie fast asleep! "yes!" said Rory "some nice easy target"

After a while Julie finally woke up to find the living room transformed!

Rory laid on the ground in a funny costume, "hello, fellow yoga master" she said in a relaxed voice.

"what!!!" said Julie then Rory popped up and said "April fools!"

a while later when the living room had returned to normal and the dolls had practically forgotten about April Fools, they were sitting on the couch watching some TV and they decided to get some popcorn and lemonade.

They got up and realized that they were glued to the floor!!! 

 Then Felicity popped out and said "Happy April Fools day!!!"


  1. Hahaha! You have to have a good sense of humor on April Foll's Day when it comes to pranks. Some people are not very accepting of pranks. Looks like everyone had fun here! Even with the ketchup cake and hot sauce smoothie.

  2. Thanks! Yep! April fools day is fun! ;)