Doll stars : Happy April Fools day, part 1

Wednesday, April 1

Happy April Fools day, part 1

Hi everyone! and happy April first and April fools day! today the dolls have been doing lots of tricks! have you been tricked or done a trick yet? anyway here is a photo-story of what the dolls did! enjoy!
(so sorry about the blurry pictures it was kind of dark in the closet where there house is and that made me have to use the flash on a few which is pretty disappointing, but anyway here is the story!)

It was a normal day in the doll house, Rory typing on the computer and Julie doing who knows what.

but all of a sudden Julie was on her stomach and tying Rory's shoe laces together! (it was quite odd that Rory did not notice though)

Rory got up to get a glass of water...

and she tripped!!!

when she got up she saw Julie, "Happy April fools day!" Julie said.

A little later that day Rory was on her bed thinking of something to do to get back at Julie. then it came to her! :)

she got out a little cake and some mayonaise and frosted that cake up!

Then she got a yummy drink and frosted that with ketchup and hot sauce to look like some kind of strawberry smoothie!

Last step to an evil plan: sit down with a blanket and some real yummy smoothie to watch it all happen!

Of course Julie came over, saw the cake and just had to take a big bite!

"oh! what is that!" cried Julie as she grabbed the nice refreshing smoothie to get the taste out of her mouth and then tasted the hot sauce and ketchup!

 she turned around frantically to see Rory calmly sitting there drinking her smoothie, "happy April fools day to you to Julie!" said Rory!

To Be Continued...

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