Doll stars : DIY doll plant wall art

Wednesday, April 22

DIY doll plant wall art

Hi everyone!

Happy Earth day! since it is Earth day here is how to make a cute doll plant wall art! enjoy! :)

Items you will need:

a little box with some kind of hole in it, (I used a mint container, you can always cute a hole in it if it is made of cardboard)
a hot glue gun
green paper (fake plants would be great also, I just used the paper cause I didn't have fake plants)
fake flowers (I used flower ribbon stuff though, you can also cut paper into flowers)

the first thing to do it to cut out the clear plastic hole on the lid of the box. (I just did this because the clear plastic was all sticky but if yours is not sticky then keep the clear plastic on.

cut out leaves and flowers out of your paper (optional)

glue them inside of the box, close it and you are done! :)