Doll stars : Boho doll lookbook: outfit 4

Friday, April 24

Boho doll lookbook: outfit 4

Here is the last outfit, outfit 4! :) check out outfit 3 HERE! outfit 2 HERE! and outfit 1 HERE!



outfit details:
dress: made by me
necklaces and bracelet: human clothing
hope you enjoyed seeing all of the outfits in the doll lookbook!
which one was your favorite?



  1. Wow... I am LOVING the boho theme!

  2. Love it! My favorite was Julie's outfit :) I also really like the camera necklace felicity is wearing, where did you get it?

  3. Thank you so much! My friend gave me the camera necklace so I am not sure where she got it.'

  4. These are great outfits, but I like one and two best. :)