Doll stars : March 2015

Monday, March 23

Spring LookBook: outfit 4

Check out outfit 1, outfit 2, and outfit 3
here is outfit 4:

Outfit model: Julie Albright
Outfit Details:
shirt: made by me
overalls: made by me
flower crown: made by me
shoes: some Kit set
Hope you enjoyed my Spring Doll LookBook! :)

Spring LookBook: Outfit 3

Check out outfit 1,  outfit 2 and outfit 4
here is outfit 3:


Outfit model: Rory Evans
Outfit Details:
shirt: made by me
shorts: made by me
necklace: its a human necklace
bow: made by me
shoes: Our Generation

Spring LookBook: Outfit 2

check out outfit 1, outfit 3, and outfit 4
now here is outfit 2:

Outfit Model: Felicity Albright

Outfit Details:
shirt: made by me
dress: made by me
flower crown: made by me
earrings: American girl ears piercing set
shoes: Julie's old meet outfit

Spring Lookbook: outfit 1

Hi everyone!
long time no post, anyway I have been working on a Doll Spring Look-book for a while and it is finally finished! Check out outfit 2, outfit 3, and outfit 4!   here is the first outfit:

 outfit model: Samantha Parkington (my sister's doll)

Outfit details:
shirt: My American girl shirt
skirt: My American girl skirt
jacket: made by me
belt: made by me
shoes: My American girl

Thursday, March 19

Your a Great Photographer award

 Hi everyone! I got nominated for the Your a Great photographer award by Marie Hannah Grier (mama hen) from The Pony Tale Sisters! thank you for nominating me! :)

1. Nominate 3-7 blogs for this award and make a link to the blog.
2. If you are nominated, give 1 of your photography tips and answer the questions given.
3. Go comment on a post of the person you nominated letting them know they were nominated.
4. Copy the picture above on your post.
5. Link your post back to the original post
6. Add the picture to your tool bar or page.
7. Copy these rules onto your post.
8. Have fun!
My photography tip is to take pictures in the day outside! the lighting is better when you are outside and it is daytime, (night pictures usually look orange and you cant see things clearing.

The questions:

1. Which do you like better, taking pictures indoors or outdoors?

outdoors. ;)

 2. What is your favourite outfit (and doll) to take pictures of?

it depends!

 3. What camera do you use?

I use a Nikon digital D50 DSLR.

 4. Is there a (doll or human) photographer who inspires you?

I love your photos, Christina from Simply Dollightful, Chloe from The Dolls of Sweet Nokia Street and lots more! :)

I nominate:

Christina from Simply Dollightful

Chloe from The Dolls of Sweet Nokia street

Hannah from AGDTime Blog

My questions:

1. what camera do you use?
2. what is your favorite doll that you do not have?
3. favorite place to take pictures?
4. doll photo-shoots or photo-stories?

-Elly <3

Tuesday, March 10

Cute and colorful

Hi everyone!

yesterday it was really nice weather so I did a fun photoshoot with Julie! enjoy! <3


which picture was your favorite?

outfit details:
shirt: My American Girl shirt
shorts: American girl skateboard set
socks: made by me
shoes: our generation doll shoes

-Elly <3

Friday, March 6

My entry for the DW doll fashion design challenge!

Hi everyone!
Just a reminder to vote for my entry for the DW doll fashion design challenge! To vote you just comment "I vote for entry 8" 
Voting ends march 13

Here is a link to my entry:

Here is some pictures of my entry:

Remember to vote!!! 😃


Monday, March 2



here are some pictures that I took of Felicity outside: :)

Outfit details:
shirt: made by me
skirt: it is actually a dress. (I am not sure who made it or where I got it)
tights: not sure where they are from
shoes: they are my sister's doll kit's shoes. from an old Kit overall set.

-Elly <3