Doll stars : doll house/room tour!

Monday, February 16

doll house/room tour!

Hi everyone! so I redid my doll room/house again! so here is a room tour! enjoy!

the kitchen!

a made a clock and drew the picture of starbucks drinks!

the dining room!

the living room!

Rory (left) and Julie's (right) beds!

Rory's bed.

Julie's bed!

their night stand which has a book, alarm clock, pineapple light, and a drink!

above Felicity's bed is two shelf things in one there is a pair of sunglasses, x-bug (I think that is what its called?), felicity's camera and a poster!

and in the other there is a magic eight ball, fools gold, a harry potter wand, and some flowers!

Felicity's bed!

then there is a little wardrobe with some pictures and shells on it and above it is a heart made out ot pictures!

on their desk is a computer, water bottle, jar with pens and pencils, and a light. and above the desk is a board with pictures on it and a kitten calendar!

and under the desk there are things like books, a camera, board game and a few toys!

hope you enjoyed the post!


  1. I love the starbucks poster :) Your dolls are lucky to have such a cute room!

  2. Your dolls house is awesome! I love that Starbucks poster and the desk area! :)

  3. Great doll house. I really like the decorative pillows on the beds.

  4. Wow!!! Very creative!!! :) I love the little desk! Looks like mine.... In except mine is life-sized!! :D