Doll stars : February 2015

Saturday, February 28

Snow photo-shoot

hi everyone!

yesterday I went out and did a little photo-shoot with Rory! here are the pictures:


-Elly <3

Thursday, February 26

snow day!

Hi everyone!
 last night it snowed so of course Julie and Rory had to go out and play in it! :)

"what should we do first?!" asked Julie

"how about we make a snowman?" replied Rory

Julie started to roll the bottom snowball

then they rolled two more snowballs, stacked them on top of each other, added two sticks, a carrot and some stones and...

they were done!:)

yay! ;)

-Elly <3

Tuesday, February 24

My DW fashion design challenge entry!

Hi everyone!

So I entered the DW fashion design challenge! I would love if you could check it out and maybe vote! 
check it out HERE!

Here is a few pictures of my entry:


Monday, February 16

Meet Rory!

Rory Opal Evans!

doll house/room tour!

Hi everyone! so I redid my doll room/house again! so here is a room tour! enjoy!

the kitchen!

a made a clock and drew the picture of starbucks drinks!

the dining room!

the living room!

Rory (left) and Julie's (right) beds!

Rory's bed.

Julie's bed!

their night stand which has a book, alarm clock, pineapple light, and a drink!

above Felicity's bed is two shelf things in one there is a pair of sunglasses, x-bug (I think that is what its called?), felicity's camera and a poster!

and in the other there is a magic eight ball, fools gold, a harry potter wand, and some flowers!

Felicity's bed!

then there is a little wardrobe with some pictures and shells on it and above it is a heart made out ot pictures!

on their desk is a computer, water bottle, jar with pens and pencils, and a light. and above the desk is a board with pictures on it and a kitten calendar!

and under the desk there are things like books, a camera, board game and a few toys!

hope you enjoyed the post!

DIY glitter jars!

here is how to decorate a jar for your doll to put whatever she likes! you can even make it for yourself!

Items you will need:

a piece of paper (not shown)
and a little jar

first cover the top part of your jars with tape.

fold your paper in half and then lay it down so you can work on it without making a mess.

paint some glue onto the jar.

then sprinkle some glitter on top.

do that until the jar is covered, then wait for it to dry.

take the tape off and you are done!!! :)