Doll stars : 2015

Friday, December 25

what the dolls got for christmas

Here is what the dolls got for Christmas and what I made for them!
a cute pillow-not sure
clear bag-from some packaging thing
magic eight ball-not sure
eos-made by me
Hello painting-made by me
hat-made by me
penny board-made by me
I made the penny board out of cardboard and beads! (it is just for looks) I really like how it came out! And cant wait to take some cute photos with Julie when summer and spring time come around!

I had this little wooden bead type thing and it was the perfect size so that is what I used!
This is another one of my favorite things I made!

a blokus board game-American girl
a mirror-made by me
polaroid camera-made by me
lipstick-made by me
coffee cup-made by me
clipboard-made by me
eye shadow kit-made by me

I have already made a blue polaroid camera and why not make another! I love the look of it being white! And I think it is just too cute!

The top of the lipstick is made out of a big glue gun stick and the bottom is a part or a little paint container!

I made this out or cardboard and I love it!

microphone-made by me
brush-Heart 4 Heart girls
book-American girl
headphones-made by me
fluff-made by me
candle-made by me'
cat ears-made by me

I love this candle! I had made a candle before but I am super happy with how this one turned out! it is the perfect size too!

I think that these headphones turned out wonderful! and I really like them!

Since Rory loves cats and cat ears I had to make her some cute cat ears! I LOVE these! They are probably my favorite gift I made for my dolls! (I might just make some for myself ;)
Hope you enjoyed this quick post!
What did you or your dolls get for Christmas?


Rory lay asleep on Christmas morning, as visions of sugar plums danced in her head.

She suddenly awoke and realized what day it was!
Her and her two friends (who had slept over) all ran to the living room where they saw....

The tree with all of its beautiful ornaments and under it was lots and lots of gifts!


They had put all of their decorations up with care in hope that saint Nicolas soon would be there!
After marveling over everything the dolls sat down and the fun started!


They reached for their stockings to find candy and a few other fun items!

Then they spent the rest of the morning opening gifts, laughing, eating yummy food and simply having a good time!



From all of the dolls here at DOLL STARS we all wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, December 20

the most wonderful time of the year





Hello everyone!
YAY! Christmas is in four days! I can not wait!
Since Christmas is coming up very soon I brought the dolls out today for some quick portraits of all of the dolls and made yet another tissue paper dress for Julie!
What are your Christmas plans?

Tuesday, December 15

12. 15. 15





"If you are always trying to be normal,
You will never no how extraordinary you can be"
shirt-made by me
skirt-made by me
shoes-Samantha meet outfit
Hope you all enjoyed this little photo shoot that I did with Felicity today! I made the shirt out of wrapping paper and I really like how it turned out with the skirt! Now that I am posting this I have noticed that is also kind of looks Star Wars-ish, which is cool cause it was just the premiere for the new Star wars film a little while ago! ;)
Have a fantastic day!