Doll stars : Merry Christmas!!! part 1

Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas!!! part 1

Hi everyone!

Merry Christmas!!! here is a photo-story of what the dolls did on Christmas! enjoy! also I redid there doll house (again!) if you would like to see a tour for that comment down below! :) enjoy!

It was Christmas morning and the dollhouse was silent, not a creature was stirring not even Pepper the dog.

All of a sudden Julie sprung from her sleep, she felt like it was a special day but she couldn't remember what day it was, she looked around the room then saw the Christmas decorations and remembered! "Its Christmas!"

she hopped down from the bed, saw that Felicity was still asleep and crept quietly into the living room.

where all of the gifts sat around the tree and the stockings hung by the fire place.

since Julie knew that it would probably be a while until Felicity woke up Julie made her bed, brushed her hair, and then got started on making some pancakes.

by the time they were done Felicity had woken up and they both ate breakfast!

To be continued!


  1. Please do a room tour, also, could you do tutorials on how you made the pancakes and T.V?

  2. Thanks! I will do a tour and a diy on the pancakes and tv! :)

  3. Neat post. I like your doll house and the breakfast. :)

  4. This is soo cute! The pancakes are adorable! :)