Doll stars : Happy Halloween! Part 3! Trick or Treating!

Thursday, November 6

Happy Halloween! Part 3! Trick or Treating!

Hi everyone! Here is the last post in the Happy Halloween posts!
All the dolls were ready with their costume on and bag in hand, they were all super exited to start a night full of candy, frights, and fun!

they walked along until they came to a house with a sunny yellow door, and a small table with a bowl of candy and a sign!

they went a little closer to read the sign that read: Take only two please!
they all crowded are to get their candy!
and went off to the next house.

After a long night of trick or treating they all sat down and dumped out their bags to see how much candy they had gotten!  

(sorry about how blurry this pic is)

(and how blurry this one is)

Julie enjoyed eating a yummy Crunch bar!

-Elly <3



  1. Hi Elly, I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition award. Here is a link to my post about it with the details.

  2. That's really cute! I love the little house with the yellow door! :)