Doll stars : Happy Halloween! Part 1 The doll's costumes! :)

Monday, November 3

Happy Halloween! Part 1 The doll's costumes! :)

Hi Everyone!

So sorry this is so late. Anyway Happy late Halloween! Here are what the doll's dressed up as! (sorry for the blurriness on some of the pics)

My sister's doll Kit dressed up as a Hippie (is that how it's spelled?)
Outfit Details:
shirt: made by me.
pants: From Julie's old Meet outfit.
headband: From Julie's old Meet outfit.
necklace: made by me. 
shoes: From Julie's Meet outfit.

Julie is Olaf! from Frozen!
Outfit Details:
shirt: it is just a doll shirt that I had and I turned it around and taped paper rocks onto it.
shorts: From an AG skateboard outfit.
tights: not sure.
shoes: made by me.
carrot nose: made by me.

Cathleen-McKenzie is Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter!
Outfit Details:
Everything is made by me exept the shoes which are from Felicity's Meet outfit.
here are some more pictures of the outfit on her! :)

Najhi is dressed up as a cat!
Outfit Details
Everything is made by me.

And last but not least! Felicity is Anna! from Frozen!!!
Outfit Details:
shirts: the blue one is from an AG winter sledding set, and the black on is made by me.
skirt: From some Felicity set ( forget what it was called)
mittens: From the AG winter sledding set.
Cape and headband type thing: Both made by me.

hope you enjoyed the post!