Doll stars : DIY doll smores!

Saturday, November 15

DIY doll smores!

To go along with the campfire I also made some doll smores!

Items you will need:

white paint
brown paint
something sharp like a needle (optinal)

Cut a  two pieces of cardboard into little squares, then on one of them take a needle and very carefully poke little holes into the square this is optinal.

and there you have the graham crackers.

cut two more squares.

glue them together (I just did this cause my cardboard was thin) paint it brown for the chocolate

glue the chocolate onto the graham cracker without holes (you can poke holes in both pieces or graham crackers but I chose not to)

paint a big bead white for the marshmellow

and glue it in between the other graham cracker and chocolate! and you are done!

you can also make marshmellow roasting sticks with a stick about 5 or 6 inches and glue the painted bead onto the stick!

And now your dolls can enjoy a cozy campfire with smores!

-Elly <3