Doll stars : DIY doll campfire!

Saturday, November 15

DIY doll campfire!

Hi Everyone!

Since Fall is now in full swing and its cold I decided to make my dolls a campfire warm up! :)
Here is how you can make one for your dolls too:

Items you will need:

something round like a container
some kind of strong glue (I used a hot glue gun)
fabric or wrapping paper

First put your round object onto your cardboard and trace it and cut it out.

Go outside and get some small rocks and sticks. (you can probably find rocks at a craft store if you prefer to do it that way)

After washing of the rocks line them up on the edge of the cardboard you just cut out. (I used nine rocks but it all depends on how small or big your round object was.

glue the rocks in place.

I glued this thick stick in the middle to help the rest of the sticks stay up.

break your sticks into smaller pieces mine were about 2 inches long.

glue them in the middle of the rocks like the picture above.

If you want to make your campfire look like there is fire cut a few stripes of orange and red fabric or wrapping paper and carefully stuff them in between the sticks.

And you are done!

-Elly <3


  1. Soooo cute!! That looks exactly like the one AG sold with kayas tipi, only it costs less (and I'm pretty sure AG's is all plastic)

  2. Thanks Claire and Lizzy!!! Glad you like it! :)

  3. That is adorable! I love it! :)

  4. Thanks! And thank you so much for all the nice comments! :D