Doll stars : Doll house/room tour! :)

Tuesday, October 28

Doll house/room tour! :)

Hi everyone!

I moved my dolls house/room again! This is like the 5th time I have changed it! the other times you can see Here, Here, and Here
well, without further ado here it is:


Here is the desk!
in the bottom part of the desk there is some books, games, a camera and some other fun things!

                                         This is a little dresser type thing that is by their bed!

                                          The bunk bed! I changed it up as you can probably tell!

                                       This is a little area for the pets! I made everything in this area!

                                                                    The dining area!

The Kitchen!

                    The fridge is a small box and I glue painted pieces of cardboard for shelves!

hoped you liked the tour!
-elly <3


  1. Thanks Allison and Gabrielle! :D

    -elly <3

  2. Ooooooh! I love it! Everything is so colorful! Those bunk beds are really awesome! :)

  3. Cute doll house! Do you have them in your room, or in a different room?'
    Wanna button swap?

  4. I love the new set up, it is really nice!! We nominated you for an award on our blog, congrats!

  5. I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award!

    Check out my post here: