Doll stars : DIY: cat ears for Halloween!

Sunday, October 26

DIY: cat ears for Halloween!

Halloween is coming up! And it's time for costumes, candy, and fun!!!
Here is how to make some cute cat ears if you doll is going to be a cat! 

First put a hair band around your dolls head like a headband and careful not to draw on her hair mark he spot where you want the ears to be with a marker.  

Cut out two small triangles for the ears. 

Using the cardboard as a stencil cut out a piece of fabric that is a little bigger than the cardboard.

Cut out two pieces if fabric (sorry it shows four) 

Glue the fabric onto the cardboard triangle, fold and glue the edges. 

Cut out another color of fabric (I used black) that is smaller than the triangle you just glued and glue the little triangle on the bigger one (Hope that wasn't too confusing) 

Make another little ear and then glue them both on the hair band where you had marked it. 

And your done! :D

-elly <3