Doll stars : How to clean your dolls skin! ;)

Tuesday, July 22

How to clean your dolls skin! ;)

I got requested to do a tuterial on how to clean your dolls skin so here it is! :) make sure to ask an adult (such as your parents) before doing this, I got this idea from this video:

Items you will need: baking soda, water, a bowl, a small wash cloth, and your doll (I suggest to put you doll on a towel, and a spoon (not shown) 

Put your dolls hair up in a high pony tail or a bun so it is not in the way.

Mix a little bit of baking soda and water together.

Stick the wash cloth into it 

Then rub it on the dolls skin, it will feel all sandy and bad feeling but don't worry you will get that off.

Ones you are done cleaning take a dry clean was cloth and rub it one her skin so it is not sandy feeling.

Here are some before and after pics:



-elly <3


  1. Nice! It's like a Spa Treatment for dolls. :)


  2. Cool! I have used that method multiple times.....I tend to find mystery marks on my doll's skin.

    ~ Mint

  3. wow! definitely want to try this :)