Doll stars : Daisy Chain Award! :)

Tuesday, July 15

Daisy Chain Award! :)

I am going to do the Daisy Chain award cause I was one of the first five people to comment on Sophia's post! See her amazing blog at  Alright let's get started!!! :) 

Her questions: 

What is your favorite Historical American Girl Doll?

Probably Julie Albright! 

What is your favorite game to play on

Not sure! 

Blond hair or dark hair?

I like both! But I guess blond hair! (I have blondish hair) 

Chicken or Steak?

I am not a big fan of either but i guess chicken (I rarely have steak) 

Tuesday or Thursday?

It depends on what I do that day but I'd have to say Thursday! 

iphone or Samsung Galaxy?


Pink or Purple?

Pink! ;) 

Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys?

Not sure! (I don't know what hardy boys is) 

I nominate the first five people who comment on this post! :) 

Questions for the five people: 

1. Favorite season?
2. Swimming or snow?
3. Curly hair or strait? 
4. Favorite hairstyle?
5. If you were stranded on an island and you could only have one kind of food what food would that be?
6. Favorite disney princess? 
7. Frozen or Tangled?
8. If you could change your accent, what would it be? 



  1. Nice answers! :) I'm so glad you think my blog is amazing, yours is too! I'm not going to do it though, only because I already got the Daisy Chain award. :) Have a good week!


  2. Thanks! Your blog is so cool!!! :)

    -elly <3

  3. Haha, I nominated you for the Beachy Blogger award, to!
    ~Lydia~ <3

  4. Thanks! I will post it as soon as I can! Lots of people have nominated me on another blog! :)