Doll stars : Beachy Blog Award!

Tuesday, July 15

Beachy Blog Award!

Sophia from That's so me nominated me for an award she made called the Beachy Blogger Award! Thank you so much Sophia!!!! :D 

Answer the 10 questions I give you below and give the people you nominate 10 more.
Let the people whom you nominated know that they were nominated.
Put the award on your sidebar.
Nominate 10 bloggers.

Sophia's questions: 

If you could live in any state, which would you choose?

Not sure! 

Rain or Snow?

Snow! ;) 

Summer or Winter?

Probably summer! (I like both though!) 

What is your favorite color?

I don't really have a fav but I like pink, green, and blue! 

If you could change your name, what would you make it?

Ooh! This is hard! I'm not sure? Maybe Luna? 

Chips or Crackers?

Chips! :) 

Red or Blue?


Do you like the beach?


Have you ever ridden on a huge roller coaster?

No, I have never ridden on a huge roller coaster I have ridden on smaller ones though! 

Do you like chicken?

I am not a really big fan of chicken, I don't really eat it that much. (Sometimes I like it though) 

Thank you so much for nominating me!!! :) 

I nominate:


And here are my questions: 

1. Why did you start blogging? 
2. Favorite color?
3. How many dolls do you have?
4. If you had to die your dolls hair a bright color what would you die it?
5. Where do you keep your dolls?
6. How did you find my blog?
7. Is there anything I could do to improve my blog?
8. What are your doll(s) wearing right now?
9. What are you wearing right now?
10. Have you ever customized a doll?

Again thanks for nominating me Sophia!!! :) have fun!