Doll stars : 4th of July outfits! :)

Tuesday, July 8

4th of July outfits! :)

Hi everyone! :)

How was your 4th of July?! So sorry this is so late! :/ well, anyways here is the dolls 4th of July outfits: 

Tada!!! :) 

I made this clip by cutting out a cardboard star then covering it in tape and gluing it on a clip! ;) 

Felicity is wearing: a red, white, and blue shirt I painted, jean skirt, belt from Julie's meet outfit, shoes from some Felicity set ( forget the name), and homemade clip, 

Julie is wearing: shirt that I made, shorts that I painted, duck tape flip flops, and I tied a piece of ribbon on for a cute headband! :) 

Here is a pic of the shorts before painted, all I did was cut pieces of tape and stuck them on the shorts, painted them then took the tape off! ;) 



  1. Cute! Very patriotic! :)


  2. Replies
    1. Yep! Hey Elly, you have been nominated for an award on my blog!! Go see. :)


  3. Cute outfits! I love Julie's shorts!