Doll stars : La Dee Da doll review! ;)

Monday, June 30

La Dee Da doll review! ;)

I got a La Dee Da doll! :) she is called Cyanne as Sunflower Burst. Here is a review on her!!! :) 

Here she is in the box! 

The back of the box! 

And here she is out of the box! She is super cute! :) 

Her shoes and socks!! :) 

Her skirt is really cute 

Her flower hair accessorie! 

And she has earrings! 

They come out! ;) 

She has a cute face! 

I love the color of her hair! And it is really soft!!! :) 

She also comes with a stand, a little book, and a tea cup and little plate! 

She is so fun to pose! And she sits really nicely! :) 

"See ya next time!" 



  1. -She is so cute! By the way, I nominated you for the Daisy Chain Award on my blog,!

    ~Mama Hen