Doll stars : Custom barbie! :)

Monday, June 9

Custom barbie! :)

So my little sister bought I new barbie and she so kindly decided to give her old barbie to me since it was not in the best condition and I was hoping to customize it! :)

Here are the before pics: 


As u can tell her hair is all puffy and tangled. 

First I washed her hair! I just used some shampoo and conditioner ( not sure what kind)  

After I washed her hair in conditioner a brushed out all of the tangles.

After her hair fully dried I cut it and then used a thin marker to darken her eyebrows.
And then I pierced her ears I just used a pin that u put on pin up boards and stuck it in her ear and then took it out and replaced it with a normal earring!  

And Tada she is done! :)