Doll stars : June 2014

Monday, June 30

La Dee Da doll review! ;)

I got a La Dee Da doll! :) she is called Cyanne as Sunflower Burst. Here is a review on her!!! :) 

Here she is in the box! 

The back of the box! 

And here she is out of the box! She is super cute! :) 

Her shoes and socks!! :) 

Her skirt is really cute 

Her flower hair accessorie! 

And she has earrings! 

They come out! ;) 

She has a cute face! 

I love the color of her hair! And it is really soft!!! :) 

She also comes with a stand, a little book, and a tea cup and little plate! 

She is so fun to pose! And she sits really nicely! :) 

"See ya next time!" 


Tuesday, June 17

Doll Diaries giveaway!!! :)

Over at Doll Diaries they are having a giveaway for 2 AG mini dolls! :) check it out HERE!


Wednesday, June 11

Doll Diaries!!!

Us dolls are going to Camp Doll Diaries! :) to those of u who are not familiar with camp doll diaries click HERE! also here is another helpful post click HERE! and don't forget to check out there blog HERE! the first day of camp was a while ago but anyway here is how are first day went! ;)
The line was abuzz with happy exited voices! lots of dolls were standing in line talking, others were getting checked in, and others were helping! they were all here for the same reason Camp Doll Diaries!

Cathleen and Julie chatted about all of the fun activities they were going to do!

Felicity waited in line thinking of what the cabin might look like?!

when Julie and Felicity got to the line they got checked in and the nice lady behind the desk told them where to go!

they found their cabin (cabin 4) fairly quickly

inside they found a cozy little room with two beds one bigger one and one smaller there was a little table in between the beds with fun stuff to do! and on the smaller bed sat I girl, Najhi!

Hi Najhi! they said! "Hi!" said Najhi
they talked some more then they all decided to unpack!

they all talked and unpacked and had a great first day at camp! :)
hope you like the Photostat!
-doll stars


Monday, June 9

Custom barbie! :)

So my little sister bought I new barbie and she so kindly decided to give her old barbie to me since it was not in the best condition and I was hoping to customize it! :)

Here are the before pics: 


As u can tell her hair is all puffy and tangled. 

First I washed her hair! I just used some shampoo and conditioner ( not sure what kind)  

After I washed her hair in conditioner a brushed out all of the tangles.

After her hair fully dried I cut it and then used a thin marker to darken her eyebrows.
And then I pierced her ears I just used a pin that u put on pin up boards and stuck it in her ear and then took it out and replaced it with a normal earring!  

And Tada she is done! :) 


Spring 2014 DW Fashion Design Challenge!!!

guess what! I entered the Spring 2014 DW Fashion Design Challenge!!! click HERE to see all of the entries! and click HERE to see my entry! it would mean so much to me if you would like to vote for me! ;) anyways here is some picks of the outfit I designed and entered:

To read about my entry and maybe even vote click HERE!


New blog look update!!! :)

So sorry I haven't been posting I just wanted to have the blog all done and then start posting again! ;) well, anyways the blog is done!!!! :) yay! I love it! A BIG thanks to the amazing Rose for the blog design! Oh and also I made a blog button for this blog! It is on the right Side bar! ;)
I have LOTS of posts planed!!! :) like: 

Custom doll!

Custom barbie

How to pierce your barbie dolls ears

Camp doll diaries

New doll room tour

How to make a doll swim cover up

How to make a doll swim suit

So yeah! I will be busy!!! :) hope you like the new design! :)