Doll stars : Photo shoot: Thursday thrills! ;)

Thursday, May 8

Photo shoot: Thursday thrills! ;)

Today was very warm today! I brought Julie outside for a photo shoot and while she was out she found  a friendly visitor! ;) 

She saw somthing large, furry and black! 

She went closer to find out it was a rabbit and a big one at that! 

My family's cat Prilla and my rabbit Ashur were really fun to watch play together though Prilla was a little more into the playing! ;) 

Silly cat! <3 

Back to Julie! ;) 

How was your day? What is the weather like? :) 



  1. Ug, rain. Your kitty looks exactly like something my cat would do!

  2. This is a great shoot. I love how your bunny and kitty are involved! Both are really cute!