Doll stars : In the doll house/room!

Friday, May 9

In the doll house/room!

Today the dolls are busy well, having fun! Let's see what is up?! 

Cathleen-Mackenzie is having fun with Julie's dog Lily! 

Najhi is playing with Blythe dolls, and Amy is playing with teddy bears! ;) 

Hannah is reading a good book! 

Julie is riding the scate board! Good moves Julie but maybe u should do it outside! ;) 

Hair time! 

Felicity trying to figure out what to paint! 

Checkers! :) 

What are your dolls doing today? 


  1. Felicity's outfit is just so cute, where did you get it? I WANT IT! I also love Nahji's outfit, could you do a tutorial on an outfit for her, I really need some clothes for my Nahji. Also, I just checked out americangirlfans from a friend friday. YOU HAVE A RABBIT?! So lucky, I want a rabbit so bad.

  2. Thanks! Felicity's shirt is homemade by my mom, her leggings and shoes are from the AG scate board set! ;) yes, I will do a DIY on an outfit for Naji! :)

  3. Looks like everyone is having a great day. I agree, Julie should really use the skate board outside not in.
    Thank you for sharing a great photo story.

  4. Thanks! Yep, Julie can be naughty sometimes! ;)