Doll stars : How to temporarily curl your dolls hair! ;)

Saturday, May 3

How to temporarily curl your dolls hair! ;)

I was just playing and making up some fun hairstyles on Felicity when I put her in a hairstyle and took it out the next morning and Tada curls! They did not stay for a very long day but they would probably stay longer if u kept the hairstyle in longer! :) well, enough rambling and time for the post! ;)

First brush out her hair

Take a small section of hair and twist it, then spray it with water. 

Bobby pin it like the pic above.

Take a small section from the other side and do the same thing that u did to the first.

Keep doing that until all of the hair is up.

It is not the most nice looking hairstyle but it gets it done! 

Leave it in overnight for one our two nights then take it out and viola! 



  1. Oh so pretty, I think I will try that on Taryn!

  2. You've missed Julie and Felicity's birthdays, aren't you going to celebrate them?

  3. Thanks for he comments! Oh, I didn't really know when they were but I am going to do a combined birthday post for both of them soon!

  4. Cool! That looks so pretty on Felecity :)