Doll stars : Felicity and Julie's birthday party! Part 1

Thursday, May 8

Felicity and Julie's birthday party! Part 1

Yesterday the dolls had a birthday party for Julie and Felicity! I unfornunatly missed there birthdays cause I did not know when they were?! But we are celebrating them now! ;) Julie's was May 1st 1966 and Felicity's was April 21 1765! 

Felicity hurried around the house setting things up for their guests that were coming soon! Today was a very fun and important day it was Julie and her owns birthday party! :) 

Meanwhile Julie was all relaxed and playing with her puppy Lily and Felicity's little lamp poesy! ;) 

"Julie!" Called Felicity " how about u do some cleaning like maybe make your bed for a change?" 

Julie reluctantly got up and went over to her bed Felicity was right it was a little messy! ;) 

"That is better! If I do say so myself!" Julie said to herself after making her bed! Then she heard the door bell ring! 

" I'll get it!!!" Cried Julie and she jumped off of the bed! 

Felicity hurriedly took off her apron as she looked at the clock

Julie opened the door to find their friend Nahji! " hi! Come on in!" Said Julie " hello!  And happy b-day!" Answered Nahji 

While they where waiting for the other guests to arrive they played with the pups! 

Soon the house filled up with lots of happy dolls! :) 

Their friends where so nice they gave Felicity and Julie: a game of checkers, a small easel with a paint brush and paints, a bible, a pink bag, and each there own Blythe dolls! The red heads is Felicity's and the other one is Julie's! ;) 

Look out for part 2! ;)