Doll stars : American girl announces retirements.

Wednesday, May 21

American girl announces retirements.

Today I got an email from AG ( I get the newsletter things) and they said the that are going to retire AG Ivy, Ruthie , Marie-Grace, and Cecile.

Here is what they said: 

Also they said that they are now going to have the historical's called BeForever! I think it is a good idea!  I don't know much about it though so I am not sure of what it is going to be like? But so far I like how they are they are making the historical dolls a fresh and new look while still staying historical!!! :) 

As for the retirements I am not really sure about what I think of it? I am exited for the new historical dolls that will come out in the future ( I bet they will come out with more dolls since they are retired these four). Personally I am fine with them retired ( I was never a big fan of Marie-grace and Ruthie) as for Cecile and Ivy, I liked them but there not my fav. ( no offence to the people who like those dolls they are great but just not my fav)  it is to bad that they are going but I am exited for the new dolls to come! :) 

What are your thoughts on this? 



  1. I am very interested in what is to come, but also very wary. I'm hoping the changes will be positive.