Doll stars : May 2014

Saturday, May 24

New blog design coming up! :)

Guess what? I am getting this blog designed by the fabulous Rose! I won't really be posting anything until she is done with it! I am so exited! Well, see ya later! :)

Wednesday, May 21

American girl announces retirements.

Today I got an email from AG ( I get the newsletter things) and they said the that are going to retire AG Ivy, Ruthie , Marie-Grace, and Cecile.

Here is what they said: 

Also they said that they are now going to have the historical's called BeForever! I think it is a good idea!  I don't know much about it though so I am not sure of what it is going to be like? But so far I like how they are they are making the historical dolls a fresh and new look while still staying historical!!! :) 

As for the retirements I am not really sure about what I think of it? I am exited for the new historical dolls that will come out in the future ( I bet they will come out with more dolls since they are retired these four). Personally I am fine with them retired ( I was never a big fan of Marie-grace and Ruthie) as for Cecile and Ivy, I liked them but there not my fav. ( no offence to the people who like those dolls they are great but just not my fav)  it is to bad that they are going but I am exited for the new dolls to come! :) 

What are your thoughts on this? 


Monday, May 19

Kits cute outfit! :)

My sister let me dress her doll Kit and brush her hair! Here is what I dressed her up in!


Outfit details:

Shirt: AG scate board set
Skirt: Kits meet outfit
Shoes: some kind of Kit outfit
Bag: either a Springfield bag or our generation ( not sure) 

I also did Julie's hair! 


A hairstyle for Julie!

Do u like the hairstyle I did on Julie?! It took a long time but it was worth it! 

I took small sections of her hair, twisted them, twirled them into into a small bun and bobby pinned in place. When I did another section I just twirled it around the first, I did that to all of the hair and viola! :) 

When I took it out the hair was kinda curly, also it was kinda frizzy. 

But luckily It was easy to fix! I just sprayed a little water on it and combed and her hair was back to normal! :) 


Thursday, May 15

Going to the beach! Part 2, on the beach!

Can u spot the surfer in the background?! ;) 

In this pic the water looks sorta like snow! Don't ya think?! 

Where did her legs to?!!! 


Going to the beach!!!!! :) part 1 In the car! :)

Guess what! Yesterday we went to the beach for my parents anniversary!  I brought Julie along for a fun photoshoot! :) it was really fun and Julie had a great time playing in the sand! :)

In the car! 

Do u like the swim cover up I made for Julie?! 

Alongside the road there was lots of pretty flowers! 

( sorry about the bad quality photos) 


Tuesday, May 13

The MagNeoBio award! :)

I got awarded the MagNeoBio award again by Izzy from Forever Love Dolls!  Thank u so much!!!! :)

Here are the questions: 

1. Which HC is your least favorite? 

I have got to say Marie-grace ( no offense to the people who like her) 

2. Why did you start blogging?
One of my friends named Anna ( check out her blog HERE) emailed a link to a cool doll blog called American Girl Fan ( most of u probably have seen it) and I got really inspired so I decided to start my own blog! 

3. What are your five favorite blogs?

Oh! I can't decide!!! 

4. What is your favorite doll company other than AG? 

Right now it is heart for heart dolls! ( but it might change in the future!) 

5. How often do you make clothes for your dolls? 

Umm, it depends! 

6. If you have any siblings, do they have AG doll also?, if they do which dolls do they have?

I have 2 sisters and older one and a younger one! The younger one ( audrey) has Kit! And the older one  ( Celia) has Samantha and Lanie! Check out Celia's blog HERE

7. Who is your favorite AG you tuber?

Not sure! :) 

8. Do you want any boy dolls if you don't already have one?

Nope! I am good with the girls though boy dolls are good also! 

9. Which archived HC do you want AG to bring back?

Uumm, I'm not sure Felicity would be cool though! :) 

10. What do you think about the possibility of BeForever?

I don't know a lot about it yet, but I like how the HC's are getting some changes! I think it is a great idea that they could be historical but then new and fresh at the same time!!! :) 

Thanks izzy for the questions! They were really fun to answer! :) 

I nominate:
The questions:

1. Who is your favorite HC?

2. Do you like GOTY issabelle?

3. How did you find my blog?

4. If you hand to, would you go sky diving or bungy jumping?

5. Why did you start blogging:

6. What is your favorite kind of post? ( photo story's, DIYs, photo shoots ect) 

7. Do you play a sport or do a dance? If so what is it? :) 

8. What u think I could do to improve my blog? 

9. If you HAD to give away all of your dolls expect one which one would your keep?

10. Have you ever customized a doll ( doesn't have to be AG) 

Again thanks for nominating me!



Giveaway on Doll Diaries for Girl for all Time Matilda!

Guess what! Doll Diaries is having a giveaway for A girl for all time Matilda!

go check it out HERE


Monday, May 12

New header! :)

Hi doll fans! 
I changed the header as you can see! Do u like it?! I do but I am not sure if I am going to keep it?! What do you think? 

DIY: no sew doll shirt for heart 4 heart doll!

Here is a shirt to go along with the skirt!

( this DIY can be used for any sized doll) 

Items u will need: fabric, scissors, glue gun, and Velcro

First cut out of your fabric a shape that looks like above.

Set it on your doll

See if the sides can overlap in the back.

Then see if the top piece do the same

Put Velcro on the sides and top pieces! 

Velcro in the back

And your done!!!! :) 

DIY: no sew super easy! skirt for heart 4 heart dolls! ( can be usedfor any size!)

I got I nice comment asking if we could do a DIY on clothes for Nahji ( or another heart 4 hearts doll!)
This is what I came up with! ( the DIY can be used for any sized doll) 

Items u will need: draw string bag, scissors!

Cut off the the bottom of the draw string bag! 

Put your doll in the cut bag and tie as tight as you want and your done!!! :) 

And somthing that I like about this skirt is that u can use the same skirt for lots of different sized dolls so u don't have to make tons of skirts! :) 

Friday, May 9

In the doll house/room!

Today the dolls are busy well, having fun! Let's see what is up?! 

Cathleen-Mackenzie is having fun with Julie's dog Lily! 

Najhi is playing with Blythe dolls, and Amy is playing with teddy bears! ;) 

Hannah is reading a good book! 

Julie is riding the scate board! Good moves Julie but maybe u should do it outside! ;) 

Hair time! 

Felicity trying to figure out what to paint! 

Checkers! :) 

What are your dolls doing today?