Doll stars : Which looks best?! Hairstyles! ( April)

Saturday, April 5

Which looks best?! Hairstyles! ( April)

I have come up with a fun thing to do on this blog! At the beginningof each month I will post pictures of my dolls in the same hairstyle, outfit, shoes ect and u can comment saying which one u like best! Then the next time I do another then I will say the winner!  

For April it is hairstyles! 

Do u think Julie looks best in a bun or?

Do u think Felicity does? 

( sorry about the bad quality of these photos) 




  1. No offense Julie, but Felicity looks really good!

  2. Felicity looks so pretty and sophisticated with a bun, I vote for her!

  3. I think Julie looks best.

  4. Finally got what I won in your giveaway. Check it out at my blog.