Doll stars : The MagNioBio award! :)

Wednesday, April 23

The MagNioBio award! :)

Guess what! I got awarded the MagNioBio award from the Izzy at Forever love dolls  and  The pony tale sisters  thank u sooo much! :)

Here's how it works! It it a lot like the liebster award! U answer ten questions ( from the person who nominated u) then nominate a few people and ask them ten questions! :) 

izzy's questions! 
( sorry this took so long to post) 

1. Do you play a sport? If so what is it? 

Right now I do not play a sport, but I do do clogging which is more a dance though! :) 

2. If you could spend a day with one person, living or dead, who would it be? 

Ooh! This one is so hard! I just can't decide?! 

3. If one of AG's historical characters came alive and you would get to meet her,who would you want to meet? 

Umm... This would be super cool! I would probably want to meet Julie! 

4. If you could rather live in the clouds or under the seam where you live? 

I am not a big under the water person, so probably in the clouds! :) 

5. If you could design an outfit that AG would sell, what would it look like? 

Oh! This would be so fun! I am not really sure what I would design?! Maybe an Ombré maxi dress with a cute spring sweater?! Ooh! I think I might just make that?! :) 

6. If your dolls came alive which one do you think you would be best friends with? 

Probably Julie! ( sorry Felicity) 

7. Laynie or Kanani? 

Kanani!  When she came out I wanted her for a little bit ( but decided not to get her)  I love her long hair! 

8. Flip-flops or sandals? 


9. Is your best friend older, younger, or the same age as you? 

My best friend is a little older then me but not that much older! :) 

10. How old were you when you got your first doll? 

I think about seven or eight?!   

Thank u Izzy for nominating me! Your questions were really fun! 

The pony tale sister's gpquestions! 

1. If you could get any thing from AG what would you get? 

Umm?! I really like Julie's dining table set! And the my american girl doll with hazel eyes,  and honey blonde hair! ( I forget which number she is) 

2. Would you ever open an etsy shop for dolls? 

I don't know too much about etsy, but it sounds fun! 

3. Have you ever made stop motion videos? 

Not yet! But I might in the future! 

4. Do your dolls have any pets? 

Yep! Felicity has Posey the lamp, Patriot the foal, and Pepper the huskie, Julie has a puppy named Lilly, and they share a cat! 

5. Do you like seing clothes or buying them? 

I like sewing them! But ones in a while buying is nice! 

6. Have you ever made food for your dolls? 

Yes! I have made the lots of food! Yum! 

7. Do your dolls live in a house or on a shelf? 

My dolls live in a corner of my room where I arranged doll furniture! So practically they live in a house! 

8. Do you like photo- shoots or photo stories? 

Both are fun! But I like photo shoots better! 

9.  What would your next doll be? 

I haven't told u all this but I am saving up to buy a doll ( don't know which doll yet) on eBay I am looking for a cheap one that is not in the best condition so I can restore and customize her!!! 

10. Who was your first doll? 

My first doll was Felicity I got her for my seventh  ( I think?) birthday! :) 

Thank u for the questions! I had such I fun time answering them!!! :) 

I nominate: 

1. If you could make an AG historical character what would she be like? 

2. Do u like GOTY Isabelle? 

3. Have u ever been to the AG place? 

4. Would u rather go sky diving or bungy jumping? 

5. What are u wearing right  now? :) 

6. Were are u right now? 

7. How many AG dolls do u have? 

8. Favorite movie? 

9. What are your dolls wearing right now? 

10. If u could ( or if u are) what would your next AG doll be? 

Thank u to the people who nominated me! :) 

- dollstars



  1. I see you nominated me but there are no questions for me to answer.


  2. You forgot question 3 lol. I wanted kanani also, but my parents wouldn't let me get her. I still want her really bad. Go to my blog to find out how to get rid of the numbers when you comment on your blog.

  3. Can you do a tutorial on a doll sized rag doll?

  4. Country doll studios sorry I forgot to do the questions! They will be up as soon as possible! Izzy thanks for telling me I will fix that too! And yes I can do a tutorial on a doll rag doll! :)